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                      General manager

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                      Dear colleagues,
                      Welcome your presence, I sincerely hope that you through the international Internet understanding, understanding, concern my company. Future development path, we will continue to carry forward the "technology pilot, green health" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "honest and trustworthy" work philosophy, adhering to the "took responsibility for the society, with products to reward good" of the enterprise purpose, to "extraction in heaven and earth and beauty, the kind of young person ecology" dream, efforts to provide customers with a full range of quality services, with "the profession designer, to share a better future, customer satisfaction, excellent quality for the enterprise mission, make the enterprise to realize the" economy "to" science and technology innovation "full transition.
                      In the era of knowledge economy in the world, the natural valley people-oriented, capital as the link, technology as the foundation, market as the guide, to create a good internal and external environment, maximize the play of the talents and enthusiasm of employees, so that the enterprise to maintain the upward vitality. Looking ahead, we have a long way to go. Dare to play we have several times to temper who dares sales team and r&d team, has many years of accumulation form innovation mechanism and system, there are constantly new resources reserves, with the rapid development of high and new technology industry, to make natural valley will posture and new style, seize opportunities, meet the challenge, accelerate development, hit a century glory!
                      Customers are always the starting and ending point to realize value. While paying deep attention to owners, employees, suppliers and the society, we are pursuing to meet and cultivate customers' external and potential needs in a profound and advanced way. Only by assisting customers to achieve success can we finally achieve success. We keep forging ahead and do our best to promote the biological products industry with high and new technology, realize its upgrading to a higher level, and obtain the survival and development space from high quality and large quantities, so as to create a higher biological products supplier is the future prospect in our knowledge vision.
                      The development and growth of natural valley company, without any doubt, embodies the support and encouragement of governments at all levels. It is inseparable from the understanding and support of friends from all walks of life in the society, and even more inseparable from the care and love of new and old customers over the years. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and respect to you. Meanwhile, I look forward to your continued care and support for natural valley.
                      Friends, partners, friendly suppliers, we sincerely look forward to your presence and guidance!
                      Acting general manager: liu jianxin

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